We’re exploring what is possible with some of the entrepreneurial spirits shaping the future of education. Here are some of the ventures we’ve shaped or supported. Let’s explore your future.


Meet the Changemakers

Propeller Ventures, which supported some of these
ventures, merged with Reframe Labs in 2021
Urban Technology Empowered

Urban Technology Empowered Communities (Urban TEC)

Dr. Ina P. Montgomery

Preparing Black youth for high-tech jobs

Jason Watts
scholarship prep public schools logo

Scholarship Prep Public Schools

Jason Watts

Positioning each student for college scholarships

Madeline Hannigan
Great Schools North Carolina

Great Schools North Carolina

Madeline Hannigan

Expanding high-quality charter schools in North Carolina

Mike Montoya
stronger consulting logo

Stronger Consulting

Mike Montoya

Helping education organizations get to the next level

Aida Rodriguez

Goodbeat Parents

Aida Rodriguez

Reimagining parent organizing to drive systemic change

The Los Angeles School for Creativity & Technology

Margeaux Randolph

Preparing youth for the future of work

Bravely - Next Generation Learning Challenges

Andy Calkins & Dr. Carlos Beato

Convening education leaders to solve the sector's most pressing challenges

Walton Family Foundation - Innovative Schools Program

WFF Team

Seeding the next generation of school models

LeanLab Education - Pilot Research Program

Katie Boody Adorno

Making ed tech tools better

Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles

Vanessa Jackson

Preparing kids for college and beyond

Invictus Leadership Academy

Dr. LaTonya Derbigny

Uplifting students through personalization and character development

Endeavor College Prep

Ted Morris

Co-teaching to deliver stronger student supports

We The People High School

Anita Ravi

Developing the next generation of community change makers

Libertas College Prep

Anna Carlstone Hurst

Putting kids on a trajectory for college and life success

El Rio Community School

Katie Sobczak Chau

Bringing the first public Waldorf school to East Los Angeles

Resolute Academy

Natasha Barriga

Preparing kids for college and beyond

Alma Fuerte Public School

Sean Markin & Anne Lee

Fostering entrepreneurial spirit to tackle the world’s challenges

Academy of Media Arts

Dana Hammond

Blending career development with academics and creativity

Thoreau Community School

Dr. Marianne D'Emidio Caston & Elizabeth Blair

Developing the next generation of leaders that will save our planet

High School for Recording Arts

Tony Simmons & Dr. Mike Lipset

Saving lives through hip-hop and creative arts

90 Mile Solutions

Dr. Emilio Pack

Helping education leaders bring out their best

Learning By Design

Charla Austin-Harris

Preparing students for high-tech jobs through design and entrepreneurship

PRIME School

Grace Cruz & Ernie Levroney

Centering community engagement so students create meaningful change in the world

Reframe Beta Lab & Fellowship

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Incubating public schools that break the mold

Calliope Academy

Dr. Tanya Chaldaris

Reimagining social and emotional supports for students

Young Scholars SMARTS Academy

Dr. Carrmilla Young

Cultivating student passions through civic duty

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“The day before something is truly a
breakthrough, it's a crazy idea”

– Peter Diamandis